We declare that;

  • To keep customer satisfaction on top by meeting their demands with a fast and in full service that is beyond their expectations, 
  • To keep our employee occupational health in good condition, ensure their security and provide employee satisfaction by identifying their position and responsibilities via in-company training courses, 
  • To improve continuously and to effectively fulfil the necessity of all regulation, instruction and standards (that are for increasing efficiency and quality on business and service production) including Quality Management, Environment Management and Occupational Health and Safety Management, 
  • In direction of protecting natural resources and avoid them to be polluted; To encourage saving and to provide applying environment friendly technologies insofar as economic and commercial possibilities permit, 
  • To bring environment friendly applications into the forefront on layout and manufacturing processes, To take care of having less waste that our activities bring into existence and their disposal to be in compliance with legal requirements, 
  • To trace sensitively related dangers and to effort reducing them in order to prevent job accidents, environmental accidents and occupational diseases,
  • To achieve “Zero Accidents” goal by making the right risk assessment on time by shared responsibility of whole employee to predetermine possible dangers and removing them, and to create a safe and healthy work environment for them within this scope, 
  • To create and disseminate the awareness of quality, occupational health and safety and environmental integrity on our employee and on people we touch in societies starting with which we are already in relation.


Adding value to our company by innovating and developing the processes with all of our creative and participant staff, and providing customer demands completely and economically in extent of quality, proficiency, quick deliveries and new products.


Poelsan Plastics Industry and Trade Co. Inc. which follows the rapid changes, develops its technology for a more qualified production and moves swiftly on the path of being a worldwide company and brand in plastics industry.