As POELSAN PLASTİK SANAYİ VE TİCARET A. Ş. we thank you for sparing your valuable time by filling our Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire which we prepared in order to keep our product and service quality permanence on top level by determining the customer demands and the achievement rate of our works.

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1) The service that POELSAN supplies in general is?
2) Availability of reaching any person that you call in POELSAN is?
3) The approach of the staff in POELSAN to you is?
4) The products that POELSAN manufactures are?
5) The performance quality of POELSAN product is?
6) The visual quality of POELSAN product is?
7) The packing quality of POELSAN product is?
8) The product variety of POELSAN is?
9) The prices and payment terms of POELSAN are?
10) Sufficiency of the product introduction, catalog and the booklet is?
11) Availability of getting information during transportation and delivery is?
12) The transportation performance of POELSAN is?
13) The approach of our sales and marketing staff is?
14) The technical knowledge of our sales and marketing staff about POELSAN product is?
15) Alternative solution procurement for your demands is?
16) The approach of our quality&control staff is?
17) Technical information support is?
18) The approach for your complaints and demands is?
19) The promptness of response for your complaints and demands is?
20) The promptness and accuracy for your catalog and sample requirements is?
21) The availability of receiving information from POELSAN website is?